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"I Smoked the Peace Pipe with the White Man": 1967 painting by Denver Horn
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"I Smoked the Peace Pipe with the White Man": 1967 painting by Denver Horn - Denver Horn, a Native artist, touched on the heart of the poverty, hunger, and frustration of his people in this painting. Living on the reservation, the Cheyenne watched the wealth of mainstream America while they ate commodity food and dreamt of their past free lives.

There are several forms of outright gifts that will help Soaring Eagle continue to grow, including cash, securities, life insurance, real estate and tangible personal property. If these gifts are appreciated assets, they are tax deductible at their full fair market value as long as the donor has held them for at least twelve months. Gifts can be donated by a bequest in your will or used to fund planned gifts. Charitable gifts benefit donors while they are living and they help Soaring Eagle continue to grow after the donor passes away. Some gifts provide a lifetime income for donors and their heirs.

  • Make a Donation
    Make an online donation to help Northern Cheyenne elders. Your donation can be one-time or recurring.

  • Charitable Gifts
    Gifts can be given in several forms. See also the benefits to donors.

  • Planned Giving
    Planned gifts are excellent tools for estate planning. Several forms of planned gifts can be set up for your loved ones by a bequest in your will.

  • Living Memorial Wall
    The "Wall of Living Memories" will greet every guest and resident in the Heritage Living Center Lobby. Learn how you can participate.

  • Eagle Ridge Park
    A five-acre wildlife sanctuary will be a safe haven for threatened species of birds and animals and a place where Center residents can walk outdoors to enjoy nature.

  • Wish List
    Items needed include Assisted Living Subsidies for Cheyenne elders, office supplies, and more.

Benefits to Donors: Increased and/or tax-free income, lower taxes and the satisfaction of helping the Northern Cheyenne Tribal Elders are some of the benefits you can enjoy as a Soaring Eagle donor.

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